Transparent thought

Currently im reading this novel, it is a 500 pages novel, and im reading it painfully slow. It has been 3 days since i started and i can barely make it to one fifth of the book.

I am a slow reader to begin with because i need to imagine every sentence into a small scene in my head, but the writer make it harder for me to create this scene, because  the writing is sort of ambiguous, ugh im sure there is better adjective but I couldn't think of anything better than ambiguous , and lot of times, i need to recreate the previous scene so it will transition smoothly to the next scene, i bet u didnt get it dont you, because im a bad storyteller just like the writer of this novel, i cant help myself getting angry reading the novel but in the same time thinking about the same abnoxious feeling people get just to have to communicate with me.

Actually ive been told few times that im bad at communicating, one of my friend said I explaining stuff as if my thoughts are not transparent. I am unaware of this untill people pointed it out to me. And now i really make sure people can see my thought as clear as day.  This sounds ambiguous right, i know, i guess i will never settled with this thought of transparent thoughts.