This afternoon, after classes and lectures, i sat down for some what i called de-stressing time, watching random viral videos and what the internet had to offer, and then, i came across this video, i cant remember the visuals, because the audio distractions is too loud, or  you can solely blame on my disability to remember short term memory. i mean i need to be really focused to remember anything and lately im having hard time focusing on stuff. idk why, age may be the disposing factor, but i'm still too young to support the theory. anyway that is not what i want to write about int this post. i want to write about the soundtrack of the video that i watched. if i have to describe it, it was a pretty boring, common soundtrack featured in many happy ads. but why did i want to write about it anyways, because, have you ever had that moment in your life that you feel like, for some brief moments, you were in movie, yea, thats what i felt, i felt like for a second, i was in a movie and that soundtrack was playing in the background, so maybe u can guess what kind of movie it is, yes, a boring, common, ordinary but  happy not so happy movie. this, i think, depicted what i want my life to be. yea, my life right now is pretty much boring and mellow, but i want it to stay that way, i dont mind a boring life, i just want to be happy and content.