There are two ways home, from the park where i skate, one that doesnt require me changing my shoes, and another, that need me take my skate off, where my novice skill of inline skating doesn't really do any help with all the stairs and bumpy roads. It used to be never an option untill i brave myself to skate on the road along with the cars that i figured out another way home , without having to change my shoes.

Usually i go for the route that doesnt need me changing my skate, but there are days when im too tired to skate for  another kilometre uphill or when i just didn't have enough adrenaline to brave the road with cars or simply when i want to stop by for grocery shopping before headed home, i take the safest way home, taking my skate off.

Yes, it is the safest way home because, one time, i almost got hit by a car when im crossing zebra line on my skate, because the girl was texting while driving, and i cant do a quick turn yet at that time  and i just too novice to skate backwards and from my quick calculations skating forward is not helping either  given the acceleration of the car and distance between us, i need to skate with superhuman speed to save myself from the accident, as im obviously not a superhuman, the only thing i have is luck.

I know some people who doesn't believe in luck , and in fact , im one of them, well kind of, or maybe not really, well i believe its not luck that save me, its my fate, and it was written for me that I survived the accident, it is a religion thing, if ure not muslim than you're  probably dont understand what im talking about. Its called qada and qadar.

But, a piece of thought, when i look back on my life, i feel like im really lucky, blessed is the better word,  my life is a smooth journey, since i was small, ive been told that my future is bright, that one day i end up being one of those professions that pay better. And I am actually heading towards that bright future,  almost too smoothly. If you're like  me, who born with rezeki (again religious reference) more on our intellect side, and it feels like everything is leading us towards that bright future (read: having a good job) , havent u had that thought, maybe this is all blessing in disguise?

Or maybe i just need to think a bit optimistically, after all im an optimist person, too optimistic to classified it physiological, or maybe im just overthinking.

I love skating, its one of the reason why i love living in this little town. Back in my hometown, people dont skate,  and there's no park smooth and big  enough to skate, and every pavement is filled with car if not motorcycles. I dont like skating in one place around and around it's getting boring pretty fast. I wish i will settle down in a place with a park to skate, one like here, where i can travel kilometres on my skate without any risk of getting hit by vehicle, one with beautiful scenery, and one with few small hills, high enough to pump extra adrenaline out, but low enough for me to brave.

I learned a few trick from a friend that i met here in the park. Another reason to love my routine skating session, making new friend. But the funny thing is i can do few  tricks but i dont know how to break, i mean, practically i know how to, but when im accelerating im just to chicken out to even pull my leg, so in my head, it just to impossible to initiate a t-stop.

And another funny thing, i still have the gut to skate downhill even though i dont know how to stop,my worse fear would be bumping with those kids running freely into my way, or those cyclists who dont even bother to look  front or even passerby who walk side by side making a straight line blocking my way, or worse, a mother with her baby on stroller, can you imagine that?

Oh right, i didnt finished my story  about  that one time im almost got hit by a car. My life flashed in front of my eyes,  I remember thinking; so this is it, this is how i gonna die, what a stupid ending, but then the girl keep her eye away from her phone and into the road and I still remembered her terrified face and the screeching sound of the emergency break. And the car stop, just a few centimetres away from me.

And i know im just a few centimetres  away from death, but what was written is, its not my time yet, so here i am, alive, writing this post.