''You have too many hobbies'' my friend said to me.

That explained everything about my poor social interactions, why i am such a bad  daughter, sister, friend and may even explained why i dont have boyfriend.

The hypothesis of number of hobbies is directly proportional to chances of getting a boyfriend is proposed by one of my friend the time we're discussing the possible reasons why im still single. the hyphothesis is not yet being tested, but is supported strongly by the theory when one is having too many hobbies, they have less of i-have-freetime-but-i-dont-know-to-do which then leads to boredom and then, the urge to look for other person that can entertain them, whether it is a friend, family or  maybe soulmate.

Lately, this thing get into my head more than anything, not about not having a boyfriend or whatsoever, about having too many hobbies. Because, lately i found myself distracted with my hobbies when i supposed to do something that is more important like studying or being a good  daughter, sister and friend in general.

This semester, i rarely give my full attention in classes and lectures, id rather keep myself busy with my hobbies in classes; like reading novels, writing stuff or even drawing instead of listening to the lecturers.

Maybe you think it is perfectly normal for university student to slack off, maybe you did it too or maybe everyone did it. But, being so used to be the proactive part of the class for the past semesters, the good student in me is screaming in disappointment, when i let the whatever-i-do-what-i-want-to-do me to take charge. it really bothered me because i started to feel like I'm losing my grip on this medschool thing.

Another thing about having too many hobbies do me bad more than good is; my social interaction. My mom thought i am  the least family person in the family and i cared more of my friends than my family  when the actual truth is i don't even care to text my friend unless there's something important, and in my defence, i hate texting and mom, if u read this, it is always family first before anyone else.

So, i wonder how many hobbies  could one have before their life fall apart behind their eyes, or maybe i need to stop blaming my hobbies when i have every authority to control my life, to decide which things is more important than the other or as you may say, the ability to set up my priorities.

Oh, and if u noticed that lately I've been doing many of this things like updating this blog, or the snaps of my sketchbook progress, or even the stupid video of me singing and playing guitar on my instastory, well, that was me being distracted.