My Love Story.

Ive never been in a relationship before and this one fact about me that you probably dont need to know, but i will tell you anyway;

Fact #1: i keep avoiding people who like me.

Despite fact #1,  I would say im one of those girl who are easily infatuated,
i can like a guy just  because of his smile, act of kindness, his intelligence or just because somebody say good things about him.

So, there is this guy, he is so kind, everyone always  talks only good things about him. And then there i was, being easily infatuated, falling for him. When i have crush on someone, sometimes i can get obsessed, and out of control, in which i decided to start say hi to him on fb.

Everything was good until I find out that our feelings are mutual, i started to avoid him too.  and , things got mess up when he confessed to me. i just dont know what to do, and kept avoiding him and things are not working out between us.

There are few people who know this story and questioning my decision as he is such a good man. And to be honest, until today idk if fact #1 was ever a relevent excuse.

well that is the closest  i can get when talking about love. its pretty sad, i know.

The point here is that, after all this while, i come to realize, everything happend for a reason, and the reason here is  Allah nak jaga kami. This, reminded me back to when i was in school, one of  my friend told me there was this girl she know, every times she want to sneak out from hostel, she always get caught. every single time until she realised that maybe all this time, she was being protected from doing bad things, maybe it was her mom's prayer, or maybe it was her own prayer; to be a good daughter and students,  and thts why she always busted before she have the chances to do something not good, sebab Allah jaga.

So, this makes me ponder about what happened btwn us, there was definitely  a reason, a hikmah i supposed that everything turned out to be like this. And one things for sure, he deserves someone better.

Eitherway, i wish all the best for both of us in the future.

And if you happened to be that guy, im deeply sorry for what happened between us before.

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