Losing Someone.

What is the most hurtful way to lose someone you love?

which hurt the most, to lose them before you barely know them, or to lose them after years and years living with them?
I sympathised my friend who don't even get the chance to meet their parents, but when my dad leave me, after all this years, after all this memories, does this hurt more?

Which hurt the most, to lose someone all of sudden or to see them lying, counting days to end their life?
I saw both my grandpa's  lying on the bed of hospital counting days, being all gloomy and sad because they know they dont have that much time, but when my dad leave us just like that, it  does hurt more.

it kills me every time, memories of my late dad start flashing in my mind.

Im trying to be the best possible daughter ever, and i know im failing, but i will never give up, i will be that daughter that youre proud of one fine day.

May you rest in peace in heaven.

1963 - 2012.